Anna Shannon
Album: And John Played Violin/The Green of Ireland's Shores
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 2

Whilst I know that Fatea does not normally review singles(We do normally include them in releases. Ed.), I feel that this release by Anna Shannon is most worthy of mention.

It's clear that a great deal of care and effort has gone into this project, particularly the research into the subject matter and the presentation. The subject of the lead track is the fate of the musicians who played in the band on the Titanic. The packing is just superb. The cd single is housed in a cardboard sleeve which contains a facsimile of an actual boarding pass for the Titanic's maiden voyage.

Inside is a reproduction of a ticket for that voyage. My copy had a First Class ticket in it. The insert contains photographs of the musicians who are the subject of the song "And John Played Violin". The insert also sets out the Repertoire of those musicians, as presented to passengers on the Titanic.

In researching the story, Anna received assistance from Yvonne Hume whose Great Uncle John Law Hume was one of eight musicians on the Titanic who formed two bands.

In the song the story is recounted by John Fred Clarke, the viola player. He tells how the band members chose not to wear lifejackets as they played on deck in an attempt to maintain calm among the passengers as the ship went down. All the musicians were drowned. John Law Hume was only 21 years old and was buried in Nova Scotia.

The second track, "The Green of Ireland's Shores", tells of a young woman's heartbreak at leaving Ireland for a new life in America. I understand that one of Ireland's premier artists has expressed an interest in this song.

Both songs are impeccably written, played and sung by Anna, who is a classically trained musician. She is a songwriter of the highest order and I am sure that we will hear a great deal more of her in the future.

Peter Cowley

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