Along The Tracks Show 2 Playlist

Hosted by Fatea managing editor Neil King, "Along The Tracks" is a two hour show that extensively features the artists that we cover in the magazine. Whilst it predominantly covers the more recent arrivals into the office, there's always room for the occasional dip into the archive.

Broadcast on internet radio station Acoustic Spectrum the show goes out twice a week with the new show going live between 7pm & 9pm on a Friday, repeated between 9pm and 11pm the following Sunday

Artist Track
Erika Lie Down
Andi Neate Toy Areoplanes
The Steamboat Cabaret Happy-Go-Lucky
The Great Recession Orchestra Boogie Baby
Marching Donald Praise Your Portrait
Katzenjammer Land Of Confusion
State Of Undress The Hangman's Daughter
Jinder Wedding Song
Eliza Shaddad The Month Of January
Ben Jordan Free Your Wheels
Rachel Hair Trio The Eccentrics Emporium
Charlie Bateman Fall Out Fall In
Hannah Moulette Pamplemouse & The Conjouror's Stool
Little Devils Party At The End Of Time
Nell Bryden Shake The Tree
Marina Florance Tale Of Marcy Borders
Mountain Firework Company Daylight Robbery
Sharon King & The Reckless Angels Avalon
Katzenjammer Rock Paper Scissors
Union Jill Sisterhood
Bo Weavil Mother's Blues
Becca B Dear Diary
Hannah Judson Take The Night Off
Sue Brown & Lorraine Irwing Green Grows The Laurel
Pig Earth Smoke And Mirrors
The Fallows Raining Back Home
Hat Fitz And Cara Wiley Ways
Dani Wilde Juice Me Up


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