Luke Jackson and Amy Wadge

Venue: Twickfolk
Town: Twickenham
Date: 10/01/16

Strangely, because I have no interest in sport, it was through Rugby that I first became aware of Luke Jackson and Amy Wadge. As Twickenham is known as "the home of rugby", during a Wales versus England match, the BBC Radio Wales show, Celtic Hearbeat, thought that it would be a good idea to link up with Twickfolk. A couple of friends of mine, Sue Graves and Brian Willoughby were playing, so we went along to show support. There were four other people on the bill, Al Lewis, Luke Jackson, Amy Wadge and Ralph McTell. What a good night!

I suspect that this could have been where Amy and Luke met. As Amy lives in Wales and Luke lives in Kent, their paths might not have crossed otherwise. Whether it was as a result of that, or whether they met at someother time, they were both equally impressed with eachother's abilities as singer songwriters to tour last year as a duo. Sadly, I didn't get to see them on that tour, so I was delighted to discover they were touring again this year, and even more pleased to find that they were back at Twickfolk.

Twickfolk was full. I arrived at 7:45, when the door was scheduled to open, and found that not only was there quite a queue outside, there was also a lot of people already inside, including none other than our own Neil King. I've been contributing to Fatea for a few years now, but this was the first time we've ever met.

Also present was Daria Kulesh, who had said on Facebook earlier that day that she wouldn't be able to make it. She too had been present at the celtic Heartbeat show, and Luke added some backing vocals on her album Eternal Child. I suspect they they too first met at the BBC Wales/ Twickfolk event.

The evening opened with two songs from a singer songwriter called Holly Barker, who played an autoharp - an instrument I don't think I've encountered before. A good start to a really good evening.

Luke and Amy work really well together. There's no egos apparent, they both seem genuinely in awe of eachother's talents, and both seem to be aware how lucky they are to perform with the other. They both share top billing, so Amy started the show and was then joined by Luke for a few songs, and then in the second half Luke started off solo, but was joined by Amy for a few songs, and then they both joined in for the encore. If Luke was supporting Amy in one of her songs, or if Amy was supporting Luke for one of his songs, they stayed at the back of the stage and gently added harmonies.

Luke and Amy's tour appears to be quite arduous. On the Saturday night they were playing in Yorkshire, followed by Twickenham on the Sunday, which meant a very very long drive on the Sunday. Amy apologised beforehand in that in order to cope with the drive she had imbibed excessive amounts of caffiene, and that she was well known for talking at length, so after all that coffee - God help you all!

I described her as a singer songwriter, but really she is perhaps more famous as a songwriter singer. For those that don't know her, she is a Grammy nominee for co-writing Ed Sheeran's song "Thinking Out Loud". She could, if she wanted to, concentrate solely on her songwriting, and not tour at all, which would be a huge shame, as she is such a good entertainer. I was blown away with her song "Breathe", which included a brief homage to another Amy, by breaking in to Amy Winhouse's "Rehab".

Luke too is a brilliant entertainer. His voice is phenomenal and it is amazing that he hasn't yet broken through to the big time. He is a prolific song writer, and admits that as soon as he has written a song he wants to play it live in preference to his "older" material, i.e. the songs on his latest album. He did play two tracks from his 2014 album, "Fumes and Faith" and two tracks from his latest, "This Family Tree", but everything else, I believe, has not yet been recorded.

Their encore was amazing. They started singing a capella at the merch desk, and sang as they walked back to the stage. Then to finish, Luke unplugged his guitar, and they continued a capella as they walked back to the merch desk. A stunning ending to a stunning show.

All thanks to Rugby! You never know, I could become a sports fan as a result.

Set List

Always - Amy
Scream - Amy
Tell her - Amy
Tiptoes - Amy
Thinking Out Loud - Duo
Given Up - Duo
Love Me - Duo
One Last Dance - Duo
Older - Amy
Breathe - Amy

Father's Footsteps - Luke
The Reckless Kind - Luke
Finding Home - Duo
Is It Me - Luke
Ain't No Trouble - Luke
Better Man - Duo
Lucy And Her Camera - Duo
Memory Of You - Duo
Georgia On My Mind - Luke
That's All Folks

Mash Up - Duo

Pete Bradley

Photos thanks to Neil King

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