Kris DreverKris Drever
Album: If Wishes Were Horses
Label: Reveal
Tracks: 11

There's a beauty here. It's evident from the opening bars of "I Didn't Try Hard Enough" as Kris Drever shares his regrets with us.

Ten additional tracks later we share our regrets as the album closes all too soon with "Going To The North" a homage to his homelands.

In between, Lau's acclaimed frontman takes us on journey with tales of sadness, of joy, of finding love for the fourth time. He pokes popular targets as in the title track - "I wish that politicians ties, would tighten when they told lies, I may as well try to stem the tide, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride". He offers understanding and acceptance with "When The Shouting Is Over", there's a welcoming warmth in the music.

Music that is impeccably performed and produced by Drever (voice, guitars) and aided by Ian Carr (guitars), Euan Burton (Bass & Keys), Louis Abbot (Drums).

The old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder proves true as it is all of six long years since an incredibly young looking Kris adorned the cover of previous release "Mark The Hard Earth" and a decade away from the more traditional debut "Black Water". A progression that pleases in everything but speed.

One clue perhaps comes in "Five Past Two" a laid back ode to lethargy, putting off what needs to be done even when deadlines approach, when you can't break the inertia of slothful indifference. Or when the creative muse is buried deep in the psyche. It resonates within us all. We might as well be howling at the moon.

If Wishes Were Horses, I'd back this one for the Grand National.

Ian Cripps