Treacherous Orchestra

Venue: Victoria Hall
Towns: Salaire
Dates: 26/6/15

Putting gigs on in the middle of festival season can often be tricky and as it is it's a half full concert hall that greets Scotland's 24 legged Celtic-Behemoth, Treacherous Orchestra to the stage. Half full doesn't mean half measures though and what the room might be lacking in numbers it more than makes up for in energy, enthusiasm and power, both on and off stage.

As the band kick off with 'Long Count/Masters' a small but busy 'mosh-pit' gathers in front of the stage. The magnetism of that group proves irresistible as dozens more join the gathered throng to bounce around gleefully as 'Halcyon Daze' is followed by the enviably heavy 'Look East' from debut album 'Origins'. Where the debut album was patchy, sophomore effort 'Grind' is coherently powerful and it's the cuts taken from this record that garner the greatest response throughout the night.

The soulful skip of the mis-directionally named 'Banger' brings a welcome respite to those in need of a breather down the front before the end part of the song cranks into a riot of pipes and breakdown riffs. It's as jaw-dropping as it is unrelenting and the ever swelling dancefloor laps it up eagerly.

After a much-needed interlude the band go straight for the jugular again with 'Sea Of Okhotsk' building to a crescendo from a slew of electronics to a foot stomping mesh of whistles and cranking guitars. Of all the tunes that are delivered though, 'The Sly One' is the track that threatens to lift the roof clean off this 19th century venue. In a word, it's an absolute beast and would give most heavy metal bands a run for their money. Speed and precision are at the forefront from the word go before fiddling gives way to riffs the size of Orkney! Absolutely stunning!

Following a good spirited run through party favourite 'Sausages' the band depart leaving the audience spent but grinning like buffoons. Best live band on the circuit currently? 100% yes and it'll be a long whole before anyone betters a show like theirs!

Rob Fearnley

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