Danny Thompson Serving The Music Of Sean Taylor & Blue Rose Code

Venue: The Half Moon
Town: Putney
Date: 24/11/15
Website: http://halfmoon.co.uk/whats-on

The last time I was at the Half Moon was to see Sean Taylor as part of a trio. Back then it was Sean's own trio, tonight was billed as Danny Thompson serves the music of Sean Taylor and Blue Rose Code. Whilst that may give the impression of an ad-hoc trio, the reality was that it was really two duos sharing a stage with Danny Thompson being the linking factor. It was a busy night for Danny, not only was he supporting two top singer-songwriters/guitarists, but also regaled the audience with a number of anecdotes, including how he became the bass player on the Thunderbird Theme. That said he did get the odd break whilst Sean and Blue Rose Code played solo numbers.

This gig didn't come about by accident, Danny has played live and on recordings by both artists and this really was a celebration of that.

The format was simple, both singers took an opportunity to perform a handful of songs, with or without Danny bringing in his mighty bass on the songs and sat in simple reflection when the other musician was playing. Personally, I think it worked a lot better than a show of a half apiece. There was even a moment of drama when Blue Rose Code, dropped his guitar and almost as one the audience drew in breath and then let out a sigh of relief as it survived unscathed.

Both Blue Rose Code and Sean Taylor are consummate singer-songwriters and performers. Both have their own style, Sean more blues, Blue Rose Code more folky and that contrast brought a great feeling to the proceedings, it was another one of those nights you were really well rewarded for being there.

This was a night where songs were the big winner in a show that was a genuine one off, made even more so with Danny contributing some great stories as well his legendary bass work.

All in all this was a great night out and one that I hope introduced members of the audience to exciting performers they may not have seen before.

Neil King

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