Fatea Showcase Sessions
Spring 2015 - Surf

Fatea Showcases is proud to announce the line up of the Fatea Showcase Session Summer 15:Surf featuring 17 top quality acts acts:

01. Cove Hithe - Favourite Season
02. Jennifer Crook - Long Drive Back Home From Love
03. Blackdoghat - Soul On Fire
04. Iona Lane - Plane To Spain
05. The Coach House Company - Wild Mountain Thyme
06. The Daddy Naggins - Deacon Brody
07. Harri Endersby - Ivy Crown
08. Eilidh Steel & Mark Neal - So Blue
09. Salwa Azar - Fighter
10. Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls - Rags And Bones
11. The Magic City Trio - A Funnel Cloud In Albuquerque
12. Kings & Folk - Grace
13. Wily Bo Walker - Love Will Find A Way
14. Lucy Marshall - Coffee Shop
15. Wookalily - Hands Pass In Time
16. Amy Goddard - I Will See
17. Alistair Oglivy - Clasping Sea

"Surf" is the 29th download in the Fatea Showcase Sessions series and is available from 00:15 on the 1st of May and will be available for three months

The download comes to you at no charge. Support the artists involved by listening to the download and then more of their songs, buying their albums, going to their gigs, writing about them on Facebook etc.

The 2015 Fatea Showcase Session Front Covers are artworked by Jo Elkington

Fatea Showcase Sessions

The Fatea Showcase Sessions are a series of downloads featuring acts that we've really enjoyed and think that more people should get the chance to hear.
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