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Rob Fearnley

First up in our round up of recent singles is Gilmore Roberts who've followed up their excellent fourth album, Conflict Tourism, with a single recorded and released especially to raise funds for Shelter. 'Midnight Mile' is perfect fayre for this time of year with its observations of being thankful and as always, features an instantly memorable refrain. Lucy Ward and Sam Kelly lend their vocal talents too for an extra treat! You can pick up the single here for as little as £1 (you should totally donate more though)

Another act releasing a Christmas song for charity is Liverpool bred/Leeds based songsmith, Pilla. The song has been part of his festive set list for a couple of years now and after much haranguing he's finally committed it to record. For those of us who are of a certain vintage, 'An 80's Christmas' will ring true with its tale of obsessing over the abundance of toys that hit the market each year. It's heartfelt, it's delicate, it's lyrically brilliant and more than anything it's worth more than a minute of your time (and a pound or two of your brass!). Fans of Gavin Clark and Clayhill will love it! The song is available to download here and will benefit Wirral St Johns Hospice

Lastly we have the debut song from Otley, West Yorkshire based The Silver Reserve. 'Little Feet' is part of a collection of song that singer/songwriter Matthew Sturgess has been sat on for a while now but are just starting to see the light of day now. Fans of Elliott Smith will lap up the songs understated beauty and if you're into the likes of Admiral Fallow you'll be interested too. A great introduction which bodes well for a full album, hopefully in 2016. Get the track here on a pay-what-you-want basis

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