Sea Road Sessions

Venue: Hawk's Well Theatre
Town: Sligo
Date: 11/1/15

In essence, this pickup band are three duos who play together on a regular basis, but this is their first outing as a band in Ireland, where they are currently on a short, sponsored, tour. What transpired over a well regulated 90 minute set was a tantalising insight into the potential of collaboration, without fully letting the genie out of the bottle, but there was enough in evidence to make me want to see more in the near future.

Opening proceedings with Queen's Poles/The Sea Road, strings began things, and were joined by box, flute , and banjo for the second turn, and it lifted somewhat as Alan Kelly on piano accordion, and Steph Geremia on flute moved things on, with Eamonn Coyne's banjo holding a steady line. Kris Drever's work with Lau and a host of others has marked him out as a very fine guitarist and singer , and he debuted a new song-Don't Tell Me-about the recent referendum in Scotland, which concerns itself with polarities, and employs very strong imagery in so doing.

There followed a set of jigs led off by Eamonn Coyne, who , since his move to Edinburgh way back, we don't see near enough of. Steph brought us a lovely version of Bonaparte, a first cousin of The Isle of Saint Helena, with lovely harmonies from Kris, and the rest of the proceedings carried on in similar fashion , with a real highlight coming in the shape of Ian Carr's Androvida, written following his visit to a museum there(It's in Greece) where, he told us, he also saw John The Baptist's hand!

This was a gig which promised and delivered much, but one left with the sense that if, and when , this lot found the upper gears, we really would have had a hell of a gig. As things stood, it was an evening where skill and taste were in profusion, but a little more jizz would not have gone amiss.

Oliver P. Sweeny

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