Sal VitroSal Vitro
Album: Cirque du Sleaze
Label: IRL
Tracks: 10

I love being prove wrong. When I read the blurb that came with Sal Vitro's new album my heart dropped. I was expecting a tired rock album full of cliché's and over long guitar solos. It's not, it's a glorious album of killer tracks, well written and beautifully executed rock loveliness. The songs are rich and diverse mixed and produced with care and skill. It's rapidly becoming one of my top twenty favourite albums and it grows on me more with every play.

There are the obvious comparisons with Guns 'n Roses but there is a great deal more than that with touches of Fleetwood Mac and even Lynryd Skynryd.

It's impossible to single out any particular instrument out for praise as there is not a weak link in this talented well - oiled machine and with this depth of song writing talent I expect great things for Sal Vitro, great things indeed!