Megan HenwoodMegan Henwood
Album: Head Heart Hand
Label: Dharma
Tracks: 12

Megan Henwood is an Oxfordshire based singer songwriter. At 27 years of age and with this being just her second album, she could be considered a late starter. However that would be unfair as this album has been four years in the making and the end result is an eclectic mix of traditional folk, pop and blues music from an accomplished musician and composer.

Having started writing music at the age of nine, Megan has a gift for life observation and a perception that belies her age. Much of this was inspired by listening to music played by her Mum in the car. This taught Megan that music is about the lyrics almost as much as the tune.

Megan is supported on both record and in life by her brother Joe with whom she once won a Folk Award having been entered into a competition by their Mother. I do like her message of thanks to both Joe and Tom Excell, the producer for "working their talented arses off" on this album.

Megan plays both piano and her Fylde guitars superbly as the guitar becomes a natural extension of her subtle and moody voice.

There are quite a few stand out tracks on this album if that is not a contradiction in terms. All demonstrate the quality of Megan's voice, guitar playing and lyrics and all are delivered with a sublimely understated musical backing. Two songs in particular "Fall and Fade" and "Our Little Secret" include the mellow sound of Matthew Forbes' cello which I must admit is one of my favourite instruments. The instrument perfectly matching the mellow sound of Megan's voice! I love the subtlety of Megan's voice in "Lead Balloon" which is a great track to listen to if you want to know more about this young lady's musical talent. It also features that beautiful cello again.

I sincerely hope that Megan receives the accolades and exposure that her talent deserves. She has produced an album of rich sounds, subtle music and some wonderful lyrics.

Rory Stanbridge

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