Previewing Maverick

3rd, 4th and 5th July 2015

At the turn of the twentieth century, a Yorkshireman by the name of Moses B Cotsworth proposed a 13 month solar calendar. All months would be an uniform 28 days, the first of each month would always be a Sunday, holidays would always be on Mondays, there would be an extra day at the end of the year to get the total up to 365 and the thirteenth Month would be called Sol and would be inserted between June and July.

Thankfully, apart from the Eastman Corporation, this was never adopted because, if it was, instead of being the first weekend of July The Maverick Festival would be the second weekend of Sol. As for the fourth of July, that would never fall on a Maverick weekend being moved permanently to the 23rd Sol. You can tell Moses was an accountant not an artist can't you.

Starting July off in the Suffolk country side is something of a habit now. The Friday evening start and Sunday afternoon minimises precious holidays although leaving it too late on the Friday is not recommended as Clubhouse Records are back in town (or village rather). Andrew Marr favourites The Dreaming Spires will be there along with the Rosellys, Don Gallardo, Case Hardin and the Clubhouse All-Stars. If that is anything like the Tom Petty set they did last summer will be very special.

Also returning on the Friday night are last year's Saturday night head liners Larkin Poe who follow the amazing Curtis Eller's American Circus and Miriam Jones who wowed everybody in a basement bar in London last month. I predict there will be a well-worn triangle trod between bar, barn and Peacock Stage throughout the weekend.

Good weather can normally be had at Maverick so most folks will be spending Saturday afternoon on the Green where you can see the The Ugly Guys, The Alabama Sweethearts plus Luke Tuchscherer and the Penny Dreadfuls. I would strongly recommend popping into the Barn at just gone 2 o'clock as Dana Immanuel and The Stolen Band will be the act everyone will be raving about and you would not want to miss them because you're queuing for a burger or a beer.

Billy Bragg is this year big name and if you don't think him country/American/maverick enough then have a listen to his last album, Tooth and Nail. He's on in the barn straight after Chastity Brown - one of the few artists in recent years to have got on Later… with Jools Holland without a record deal.

As well as the music there is a showing of The Other Side of The Mirror - the story of when Dylan went electric at Newport - followed by a Q&A with legendary producer Joe Boyd; a variety of workshops including banjo, dobro and erm, flat footing plus the festival food is as good as you'll get. It even keeps the belly of an awkward vegan full all weekend.

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