Venue: St Pancras Old Church
Town: London
Date: 19/2/15
Website: http://www.leveretband.com

As someone who plays a lot of Irish traditional music, I'm used to people indulging the stereotypes about English traditional music being a bit slow, rough round the edges and generally plodding along. To anyone who thinks that of this music, I'd invite you to listen to Leveret. I'm sure your misapprehension will be shattered very quickly. Leveret are a trio made up of three of the most influential musicians on the circuit today. Andy Cutting on the Melodeon, Rob Harbron on the English Concertina and Sam Sweeney on the Fiddle and Viola make music with extreme feel and groove.

The evening was set in London's St.Pancras Old Church, (the historic English church making for the ideal venue). I'd never been to the church before and was expecting something a little bigger, but I'm glad this expectation wasn't met as the size of the room and the number of people in it was thoroughly perfect for this sort of music. The trio showcased a wide variety of repertoire including both old and new tunes, but mainly focusing on old material that has been out of circulation for quite a long time, (a few hundred years give or take). My favourite set from the evening was the last two tunes, just before the encore. These two, entitled, "The Northern Lass", and, "The King's Barrows'", had what the East Clare concertina player Mary McNamara might call, lift, bounce and swing. The flow in the contrast between dynamics in the two tunes was fantastic and certainly got the foot tapping.

If you love tunes played well, then Leveret are definitely for you. Stunning playing from all!

Matt Tighe

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