Venue: Union Chapel
Towns: London
Dates: 21/5/15

Its always a pleasure to see three musicians at the top of their game, playing music that they love and playing it with enough energy to power the whole of Islington. There are always things that surprise me about Lau when seeing them live which is what keeps the experience fresh.

The support act on this tour is Ella the Bird, (Siobhan Wilson), who kicked the night off with a beautiful set of her own material. This young singer and songwriter hailing from Scotland calmed the sold out and very excited Union Chapel with her warm and endearing charm. Wilson's music holds a plaintive stillness to it yet keeps all the meaning that the writer intended. It certainly held the audience's attention for the duration on stage. She ended her set with song, "All Dressed Up", from her album, "Glorified Demons".

Lau started with an atmospheric and moody rendition of their tune, "Far From Portland". For those who had never seen Lau live before, this gave them an idea of what they were in for. Aidan O'Rourke, Martin Green and Kris Drever delivered a set that had traditional music at its heart, but had been influenced by electronic and ambient music. This was reflected in the fact that this trio are able to masterfully take an audience from tears of awe to the foot stomping of overwhelming excitement in a few minutes. Stalwart Lau fans may have noticed that there were quite a few new additions to the setlist on this tour due to the new album that had been released earlier this month. They played the song, "Death of the Dinning Car", before going into a set of tunes from their first album. A lot of the material from their most recent album, (The Bell That Never Rang), showcases the most recent stage of evolution in Lau's timeline. The new music features Drever's voice a lot and uses tunes as more of a textural device. The fifth track on the album, (the title track), was the closing number of the show. The Bell That Never Rang features the Elysian Quartet and is twenty minute long piece of music that references the coat of arms of the City of Glasgow.

A fantastic night was had by all but then again, would you expect anything less?

Matt Tighe

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