Krista Detor

Venue: Grateful Fred's At The Atkinson
Town: Southport
Dates: 7/10/15

Over the years, the Grateful Fred's Organisation has put on some exceptional shows, giving its loyal supporters the very best in Americana and Roots music. Tonight's show was no exception, indeed, it was thought by many to be the best yet. The reason for this is that it featured the outstanding Krista Detor, who is surely one of America's finest singer /songwriters. Although Krista may not be a household name [indeed she has been called "America's best kept secret"], she certainly deserves to be. Tonight, her performance was simply mesmerising.

Krista, from Bloomington, Indiana, is a superb pianist, which is not surprising as she had a classical training. Krista was accompanied by her partner [and producer] David Weber on acoustic and electric guitars and Mike Lindauer on bass. Mike will be familiar to fans of Al Stewart as he regularly tours with him.

Krista is no newcomer, having released six albums between 2003 and 2014. Her seventh album "Barely" is due to be released on 15th October and, naturally, tonight's set featured several songs from the new album. Indeed, Krista began with the sublime opening track, "Can I Come Over". Equally lovely was "Castle In Wales", a dream-like evocation of a magical time and place which was simply stunning. In total contrast was the bluesy boogie of "Steal Me A Car"[from Krista's 2006 album "Mudshow"], which featured some fiery fiddle from Robert Taylor of support band Rosenblume.

Krista took up her accordion for "Belle Of The Ball", a darkish twist on the Cinderella story ["Who will sing "God Save the King" when kingdom's coming, walls are tumbling down"].

Krista demonstrated her remarkable vocal talents on the jazzy "Middle Of A breakdown", on which her gymnastic scat singing brought to mind Joni Mitchell's excursion into jazz territory on her "Mingus" album. Equally impressive was David's amazing bass playing.

It was back to "Barely" for two beautiful songs, the gorgeous title track and Krista's moving song about being a parent, "For All I Know" [My boy's a Superman ; For all I know he'll save the day]. A truly wonderful song which every parent [or grandparent] should hear.

Krista was invited to take part in the BBC's Darwin Songhouse Project in Shrewsbury and her contribution was "Clock Of The World", which tells how church bells punctuate our lives, with weddings and funerals, and how they keep "perfect holy time". Krista finished her set with this sublime song but that was not the end of the evening as Krista, David and Mike were joined onstage by support bands Rosenblume and the Grateful Fred's Ukulele Trio for a rousing encore of "I'm A Believer", the Neil Diamond song made famous by The Monkees. A fitting end to a wonderful performance by one of the very finest modern songwriters, Krista Detor.

Peter Cowley

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