Kieran LeonardKieran Leonard
Album: Underwood Milk
Label: Fierce Panda
Tracks: 2

Literature looms large in the strange and wonderful world of Kieran Leonard and that's no understatement! His weird and restless childhood spent living between Ireland, the US and then London and love of the printed word is plainly evident here for all to see and hear on this single release. Here's a man who believes in his principles - setting up "The Chance To Fail" Foundation, created to help young people develop an understanding of the relationship between music, literature and song-writing as a tool for comment and social change. He also claims, with tongue wedged firmly in cheek, that "It's my ambition to smoke the first Benson & Hedges on the moon."!

Musically and lyrically "Underwood Milk" is absorbing, thought provoking and more than a little curious. The bastard adopted love child of Roky Erickson and (Bob) Dylan Thomas, the song is a psyched-up four minute melodrama where a kaleidoscopic verse riff meets iridescent chorus guitar head-on with the result a beautifully cacophonic maelstrom of edgy melodic music that actually works superbly well.

Kieran Leonard is bending the rules slightly. "Underwood Milk" (culled from his forthcoming sophomore album "Good Luck, Everybody") comes straight out of just left of centre with a ragged, deep-seated pop sensibility cleverly disguised by the controlled chaos around it, and before you know it you're hooked.

As Timothy Leary (almost) said in 1966 - Tune In, Turn on, Trip out.

Ken Brown