Heather CrosseHeather Crosse
Album: Groovin' At The Crosse Roads
Label: RUF
Tracks: 11

I last saw Heather Crosse during the ill-advised Girls With Guitars tour last year. She is a talented bass player but the no-holds barred rock blues genre was just over the top and the line-up and music just didn't do anything for me.

So here we have a solo album from Heather with the songs she enjoys playing and the results are impressive.

Eleven tracks with a mixture of originals and classic covers that cover the world of blues and soul. Heather says she grew up singing Motown and that influence is right across this album.

There's great versions of Rockin' Chair and Etta James' classic Damn Your Eyes.

The album kicks off with My Man Called Me featuring tinkling piano, guitar, and confident vocals. It's a very smooth sound.

Naturally there's plenty of great slinky bass playing on Why Does A Woman Need A Bass Guitar, but this is surely the lamest title for a song?

The Clarksdale Shuffle really drives along nicely. What stands out is Heather's clear precise vocals, along with solid bass playing. The band get going with guitarist, keys and drummer all getting in the on the act.

The soul classic Hurryin' Up To Relax shows the softer side of Heather's repertoire.

It is quickly followed by the Walkin' In their Shoes, a storming blues with more than a nod to the past featuring some lovely guitar from Dan Smith and great piano break from Mark Yacovone. Excellent.

Heather's own composition Steppin' Up Strong is a positive soul-tinged anthem, Bad Boy Kiss features an organ-infused groove, Call On Me is soul shuffle that moves along sweetly.

There is some great playing on this album, you can tell the guys enjoyed playing, and it's infectious.

No more so than on the final track, You Don't Move Me No More, a rollicking shuffle with the band playing their hearts out, with Lee Williams on drums excelling.

Great stuff!

John Knighton

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