Folkstock:Ending The Year In Style

Folkstock Records marches on bringing us new artists. Hot on the heels of their recent compilation cd DOWNTOWN which earned them a hat trick for glowing Sunday Times recommendations, they are releasing two EPs from artists new to the fold, Devon's Rosa Rebecka and Hampshire's Sandtimer, whose video for the closing track on the EP 'Rusting Towers' is being shown here as an exclusive.

Just lauched on Sunday 15th November was Rosa Rebecka's debut EP with the label, Home. Recorded by Lauren Deakin Davies, this EP involves a capella tracks such as on the Jewish Sh'ma which is getting a great reaction from the folk radio shows, as well as ununusual instrumentation, including the Kalimba, or thumb piano, on the lively Swedish 'Det Star ett Trad'.

Born in Gothenburg to a Swedish mother and an American father, Rosa first came to England to study music at the progressive Dartington College of Arts. She went on to work as a community musician for Wren Music, a folk music charity based in Devon, where she still lives, leading choirs, giving singing tuition and performing.

Rosa's EP Launch was at the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter, near her base in Mid Devon. Following on from her self released third album, 'Home' has a simpler, more stripped-down sound closer to the intimate acoustic performances Rosa is known for. A seasoned performer, she has toured from Cornwall to Cumbria and supported folk stalwarts such as Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, and Cara Dillon.

'Home' mainly features Rosa's own songs on the theme of love and belonging, showcasing her playful and deeply felt lyricism, sung with passion over the guitar.

It is being well received by radio stations and can be heard here:

Sandtimer are a Hampshire based duo who are also releasing their debut EP Different Seas with Folkstock Records on November 27th. Incorporating two songs which were released in July to the delight of the local BBC Introducing team in Hampshire and many independent radio stations around the country, the EP named after the opening track, Different Seas, is packed with six great tunes and stunning harmonies. However, the versions of the previously released songs, dreamy 'If I Were A River' and the lively lament 'Cold Shoulder' are different versions compared to single edits, so all six tracks will be an exciting new experience for even the listener who is familiar with their work.

The opening track Rusting Towers has been treated to a delightful video with old footage from Rob's great grandparents taken in the first half of the 20th century. It reflects the lyrical themes of growing up, moving on and setting off into the great unknown. Featuring footage taken from a voyage between the UK and Argentina - including the exuberant rituals of the Equator Crossing Ceremony - as well as clips of sprawling industrial dockyards, ancient ships and crashing waves, the video highlights the contrast between the tranquil boat on the lake at the video's beginning- 'the things I used to know'- and the stormy journey to come- 'the ships on the horizon line'.

We are pleased to be able to exclusively preview the video here

The EP launch is on Friday 27th November and will be at the Willow Tree in Winchester. A venue which has supported them since they started in summer 2014. Minnie Birch will be opening the evening for them in style.

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