Fatea Magazine And Blues & Roots Radio Announce Collaboration

Within days of launching the Blues and Roots Radio (BRR) Global website and a new UK branded website, BRR announces a partnership with Fatea magazine, which will broaden the scope of their online presence, the cross promotion of the stations artists and offerings as well as that of Fatea magazine.

Fatea's managing editor Neil King says of the partnership between Fatea and BRR, "The bringing together of print and broadcast really provides artists and especially up and coming artists, a real chance to get their voices heard and their music talked about on a truly global scale. Knowing where to find great music from independent artists working in the blues and roots genres will become more and more important as new models develop over the next few years. With their passion for music, both Blues And Roots Radio and Fatea Magazine, are looking to be the keys that open the lock to getting to know great music "

BRR with their eyes on the growing listening base have their finger on the pulse of what is next and partnering with Fatea is an exciting venture.

BRR's CEO Global Operations Stevie Connor says " The success of BRR and Fatea can be attributed to their mandate of supporting the artist first. We believe in the station's philosophy to support independent music across the globe and to provide our listeners with the best music and story emerging from the grass roots, BRR with Fatea will give the platform for the artist to be heard and read about on a truly global scale "


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