The only solution to the Equation Group is destroying your hard drive!

When I saw the above headline, my first thought was that it seemed a little harsh. I know there are people that detest folk music with as much passion as the majority of Fatea's readers enjoy it and when it comes to folk music, there are far more divisive groups than the Equation, the band that included amongst their number Kathryn Roberts, Kate Rusby, Cara Dillon and, of course, the Lakeman brothers.

My second thought was that the headline writers were a little behind the times, as the Equation haven't had a new album for some thirteen years. It also occurred to me that a trashing your hard drive just to make sure a few errant mp3s ripped from cd are destroyed is still a little excessive, even if you are going after the various solo and group projects that the individuals have done subsequently. Apparently The Equation were involved in attacks against Russia, Iran and Afghanistan and yet I don't recall the band's use of either banjo or bagpipes on their albums.

As it is it turns out The NSA(National Security Agency) have named one of their cyber-warfare units in tribute to the BFB(British Folk Band) and if all the people searching for the Equation on google turn up a reference or two to our Equation, then who knows maybe a reunion tour could be on the cards, as well as the opportunity for a few cheap gags and let's not forget Bono and U2 infected millions of computers last year.

The original article under that headline can be found here:

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