Debbie Bond And Radiator Rick UK Tour

Now nearing the halfway mark on her current UK tour which closes in Upper Cwmtwrch, near Swansea, on August 31st, Alabama blueslady Debbie Bond confirms it's been wonderful so far with gigs spread around the country, many marking a return to many of her old haunts this summer: 'I've been working flat out, enjoying every minute of our time back in England. We've played some simply wonderful gigs and festivals. It's a great time and a great tour. We've made loads of new friends on the road. I'm really excited about it all,' she says.

Bond is over with her partner-in-blues, Keys and Harp-man 'Radiator' Rick Asherson. Both played with the late US bluesman Willie King as members of his band, 'The Liberators', with whom they toured extensively in the USA, UK and Europe, playing Cognac Blues Passions a few times to widespread acclaim.

Debbie Bond is a guitarist/singer-songwriter with a particularly strong blues grounding. Apart from her involvement with Willie King, she also played guitar with the late Eddie Kirkland, and Johnny Shines, a guy who travelled and worked with the man who really put blues music on the world map, and is without doubt the world's most recognised blues great, Robert Johnston.

Bond's last album, 'That Thing Called Love', recorded in a live-session type arrangement in Nashville, gained widespread critical acclaim on both sides of the pond.

All in all, this is a rare opportunity to catch an important US blues woman, often likened to Bonnie Raitt, with a remarkable pedigree and both feet firmly rooted in the Deep South Blues tradition but always delivered with passion, power and poise, together with a contemporary flourish.

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