De FuegoDe Fuego
Album: Davide
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 9

De Fuego are a guitar duo, who first got together busking in London in 2010. Their style is very much in the vein of Rodrigo Y Gabriela, and their playing - to my ear - is accomplished, fluent and engaging.

The original De Fuego duo was tragiclaly cut short by the death in 2013 of original lead guitarist Davide Lufrano Chaves, through Multiple Myeloma. Rhythm guitarist Edina Balczo has now teamed up with Mark Rodriguez on this CD dedicated to Davide, and demonstrates that the original traits of the group have not been lost.

Whilst the tednency on albums such as this is for the tracks to merge into one another, it m,akes for a very pleasant 40 minutes or so's listening. Edina's rhythm is spot on, steady and punchy, and Mark's lead is both fluid and crisp. The opening "Babalawo" and "Fire Lake" (which seems to be based on Mendelssohn?) are straight-forward and fast, "Mother Tree" providing the first variation, with a slow opening, which gradually moves into a faster descending cycle. "St Jacob" also opens with slow phrases, but then bursts into life after a minute or so. "The Hungry Hungarian" is a fast-paced romp, and "Caravan" as the name might suggest has more flamenco influence. The CD ends with the thoughtful "Blue Balloons".

A lovely tribute to Davide, and hopefully an indication that De Fuego can continue to go form strength to strength.

Harry Thomson