Cheryl Lescom & The Tucson Choir BoysCheryl Lescom & The Tucson Choir Boys
Album: 1953
Label: Busted Flat
Tracks: 11

Cheryl Lescom has been part of the Canadian blues scene for more than 35 years. Her singing has been described as "one of the biggest and best in Canada" by none other than Long John Baldry.

For this CD, she has teamed up with the Tucson Choir Boys, who as the name suggests, rely on vocal harmonies. So we have an album where the voices rule the roost. The Choirboys blend in perfectly with the powerhouse vocals of Cheryl.

She comes flat out of the traps with Dime Store Lover which sets the tone for what's to come. Strong lead vocals with excellent support from the Choir Boys. The instrumentation has to take a back seat when there is so much vocal talent on display but when it does emerge, as in Just Pressed Send, it is exquisite and expertly played.

The songwriting throughout is very good, with Lescom having a hand in most of the writing.

This is a bravura performance from a singer at the top of her game. If you haven't heard Cheryl Lescom and love your blues big and wholesome then check this out.

John Knighton