Cattle & Cane

Venue: Head Of Steam
Town: Newcastle
Dates: 16/10/15

Guilty as charged, I do keep rattling on about the North East Music scene here at FATEA but after Cattle & Cane's performance I think I have the absolute right to do so.

The five piece band from Teesside is a family affair, with singers Joseph and Helen alongside brothers Fran and Vin and non family member Tom.

Together they create something special, perhaps the North East answer to Mumford & Sons this musically talented bunch create a free flowing sound that when you listen to them all your worries are taken away.

Having not performed in Newcastle for a while now, it was a big launch for Cattle & Cane to be able to come back to a home crowd and entertain us with their songs of perfection.

Performing at the Head of Steam, it is quite a small and intimate venue and this allowed the audience to get up close and personal with the band. Especially when they sang the song When We Were Children, a song about love and loss- the whole audience were silenced as they sung this, there was not a dry eye in the house- you could almost hear a pin drop. Being at the head of steam it was like we got to experience Cattle & Cane does Radio 1 Live Lounge except it was Newcastle does Live Lounge and it was a moment and an experience of live music that I will never forget. When they sung Sold My Sole, I found myself getting overwhelmed and a little chocked up- the emotion and passion that they put into a performance is something special. And when they put harmonies together is something special and only something you will only get to experience if you are at their gig.

Gemma Hirst

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