Album: A Matter Of Time
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 6

There are those occasions where, despite being jaded and cynical, you hear an album/ep that just blows you away. That moment that you've read about where you wander into a bar in the middle of nowhere, Fargo for our US readers, and hear a singer blessed with the voice of an angel. You look around at a room full of fellow punters and see they pretty much everyone is sitting there, watching in appreciative silence, jaw dropped.

You begin to do the imaginary maths, if Robert Johnson paid but a single soul to play the blues, how many souls for a voice like that?

Well there's two problems with those trains of thought, firstly you won't find Canen in a bar, because she's not old enough to be there, despite the sound of her voice, so you're going to have to substitute coffee bar and secondly, as the name suggests Canen has already been adopted by the Roman Goddess of Song so not a single soul was traded, sung yes, but not traded.

I was lucky enough, via Rick Stuart's Roots & Fusion, to pick up on Canen's debut EP, "Think Twice", which was stunning in it's own right. I was even luckier to be able to release her cover of "Work Song" on the Fatea Showcase Sessions and yet it's taken me too long to put pen to paper to review her second EP "A Matter Of Time" and I can almost hear you asking why?

It's certainly not because of the quality. Like Luke Jackson, Canen is possessed of a voice that just blows you away, but which forces you to look at the sleeve again to do that double check that singer and voice are one and the same, they are, think of a young Joss Stone, but it's also the way that voice works with country, soul and the great American songbook that allows Canen to make the songs hers. Seriously you need to check out this artist.

If push comes to shove, the real reason is that I wanted to come back to it, to make sure that initial buzz of discovery is matched by sustainability so that I could say with 100 percent confidence that this is a release that will blow your socks clear across the room and will continue to do so. In short if "A Matter Of Time" doesn't move you, quite frankly, nothing will.

Neil King