Album: Cadbury-Hicks
Label: Beach Hut
Tracks: 13

Dik Cadbury and Pete Hicks, two names that are woven into the very fabric of the British folk and rock scenes of the last forty years. The pair first met as members of Steve Hackett's first band after leaving Genesis and have remained friends and songwriting partners ever since. Given that is is somewhat of a surprise that Cadbury-Hicks was only formed in 2014 and their eponymous CD is the first time the pair has recorded as a duo.

Given the duo's folk & rock background, as well as the Steve Hackett band Dik Cadbury was a member of Decameron along with Dave Bell and Johnny Coppin, it is a bit of a surprise that Cadbury-Hicks is very much rooted in Americana with tracks with a mixture of Blues and assorted country styles.

The album consists of twelve original songs and one instrumental track and, as you would expect with performers of this calibre and experience, the standard of musicianship is very high. The songs, however, whilst being pleasant enough, are nothing to write home about and some of them could have been lifted from any Garth Brooks or Billy Ray Cyrus album of the last twenty years. The country songs cover the usual range of subject matter from drinking to broken relationships. The blues influenced songs deal with similar subjects with money worries thrown in for good measure. The one song that does stand out for me is Cold August Day, mainly because the intro is very reminiscent of Nanci Griffiths' Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness.

Cadbury-Hicks is not an unpleasant album, I found it easy to listen to but at the same time I didn't find anything to make it stand out or lodge in my mind once I had turned it off. Having done some research I am left with the feeling at it is an album that is less than the sum of its parts. Having said that, if you're a fan of Country music then you ought to consider adding this release to your collection. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

David Chamberlain

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