Album: Solstice
Label: Toolbox
Tracks: 10

What I love about Briony Williams is that although she is so young, the messages that she tells in her songs are mature.

The album has an impact on this reviewer, with simple melodies and a beautiful voice. Solstice needs know other factors to improve it, because the songs are so simple it means that we can focus on the messages that each song is about.

Hiatus is one of the more modern tracks. Briony makes this track into what sounds like a rap, with a strong drum beat and a guitar to complement it. Reminding me of Lilly Allen but with a guitar, she speaks her mind and comes across as a young artist who is not to be messed with. With lyrics as "There's more to me than the mask I make, I'm much more impulsive and my mind's a snake" she means business.

Turning to a softer song and a sweeter attitude, Guiding Light is quite a catchy song that you will find yourself singing. The melody reminding me of the choreographer, Christopher Bruce's dance piece of Ghost Dances. It is a lovely song about support from her family, that no matter what scary situations she finds herself in, she will always be guided by her light shining from her family home.

One of my favourite songs from the album, Alice is a change in style in comparison to her other songs. Making a powerful entrance and statement to the listener, it grabs your attention straight away. Starting off as this Indonesian piece of music you are taken to another land and then transported off to an adventure with the dramatic music that is to follow. Quite a witty song, it is almost like Briony is taking the mick out of herself. A message to herself saying, stop fussing about the small stuff, learn to love who you are and go and see the world. Possibly comparing herself to the character of Alice? This track leads you into this hole and like Alice takes you into Wonderland.

Only young, the folk scene should look out for her Briony Williams as I think she is going to be a one to watch. She brings a new and refreshing outlook to the genre of folk.

Gemma Hirst