The Black FeathersThe Black Feathers
Album: Winter Moves In
Label: Blue House Music
Tracks: 1

"Winter moves in" is another new single release prior to their album release by the amazing Black Feathers, an increasingly recognized folk duo from Gloucestershire. In this song Sian Chandler and Ray Hughes excel themselves in vocal perfection. I honestly can't listen to this track without crying. Their harmonies are so well arranged and so inventive in their change if intervals, it almost is too beautiful to bear. That's where the crying comes from.

The song tells a story about an old man going away and encountering his past, the cold, loneliness, even death maybe…the wonderful pictures of the video leave it open to imagination which is good. I started feeling sorry for him and started thinking of all the many old and lonely people and started feeling a bit embarrassed for not caring for them enough. But then he returns into a warm and cosy home and again, it's up to the listener/ viewer to either try and believe in a happy ending or be realistic and suppose it's just his memories of better days.

In this unusual and non-stereotypical Christmas song the Black Feathers' magic shines through in every single note. Their magic is rooted in their deeply authentic humanistic approach towards life and their full hearted care about people. This attitude comes from the bottom of their hearts and is reflected in their performances, in their communication, in their encounters and in their songs, and especially in this song. There is nothing more suitable than to try and raise money with this song in aid of a humanistic project like the Marie Curie UK. I can only congratulate these two artists for their style and their taste, they make Christmas feel like something more substantial than I have perceived it for a long while.

Dagmar Brudnitzki