Bellamy BrothersBellamy Brothers
Album: 40 Years:The Album
Label: Hypertension
Tracks: 40

The Bellamy Brothers, Howard and David, seem to have been around forever and are now rightly recognised as stalwarts of the American music scene. Their first single and major hit was "Let your love flow" released in 1976. Since that time, hits on both the pop and country charts have flown out from the studios produced by the duo. It is fair to say that they are as popular today as ever.

This is the sixth album of "Greatest hits" although not all of them have used that title. This album does not just celebrate their forty years of music making but also includes twenty newly penned songs. A band that does not just rely on past glories!

So, has the music changed radically during the intervening forty years? I would have to say no. It is still the same dependable and solid mix of pop and country. Where this band stands out from others is the brilliance of their lyrics. Sometimes very funny, sometimes very tongue in cheek, sometimes very self-deprecatory but most definitely never boring. Most music fans of a certain vintage will immediately recall the whimsical "If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me." A rather long title but one that sums up the wit and humour of the brothers!

This latest album is terrific value for money with its forty tracks and arguably there is not a bad one on there. A mix of upbeat music, slower numbers with typical steel guitar, some terrific stories and the most imaginative lyrics. Great observation in "Kids Of The Baby Boom." A fabulous dose of self-deprecation in "Dyin Breed." These guys really do not take themselves too seriously. "I'd Lie To You For Your Love" is a song containing a selection of the world's greatest chat up lines. True tongue in cheek words in "Jalapenos" which includes the line "bite your arse tomorrow." Love it! "That's How U Roll When You Rock" is a blues influenced track which will go down a storm live.

There are way too many tracks to single out here but I have to say that this one of the few C&W albums that has made me laugh out loud. One of the tracks that really made me laugh heartily was "Boobs" a modern love song as it is described by one of the brothers. The line "tell your boobs to stop looking at my eyes" just cracked me up.

The album is musical from start to end and if you are one of those people that do not enjoy taking exercise, try this album out. I guarantee that your feet will get exercise tapping along to nearly every song and ensure that the blood flows to that part of your body, just like the Love that flows from this pair.

Longevity and class are two words to describe Howard and David and I hope they continue making this type of music for many years to come.

Rory Stanbridge