Whiskey MoonfaceWhiskey Moonface
Album: One Blinding Dusky Dusk
Label: Smugglers
Tracks: 13

The debut album release from songwriter/accordionist/singer Louisa Jones and her compadres Ewan Bleach and Jim Ydstie, finds them delivering a fascinating blend of original and quirky songs. Thirteen of twenty two songs recorded over two days make up the album which is due a launch party in May with a full band live show makes up this jazz based collection with all sorts of references to folk, ragtime, blues and beyond with an almost Gallic feel at times - reminiscent of the sound you'd hear drifting straight out of a sleazy Paris basement. It's also a collection which has that sort of lo-fi appeal which makes it appear like a relic of slightly older times; something you'd imagine being viewed in sepia and frayed around the edges, all worldly worn, organic and well used.

There's an element of understated humour - the answers to the questions of the universe allegedly being contained within the quivering chords of 'Whiskey Spirit' while "There's a dead dog in your bed" is another memorable line which reflects the slightly off kilter nature of the venture. 'Thunderstorm' sees the influences moving from Paris and across the Atlantic with a more country blues atmosphere. For a pick of the songs though, it might take until cd scanner hits the penultimate track 'Love' - a sensitive and reflective moment with some gorgeous clarinet playing over what sounds like a distant harmonium drone and a gentle vocal.

For anyone captivated enough by the tunes within, check out 'The Echo Of Me Shoes' EP for more from the recording sessions which didn't make the final album cut.

Described as being "born into a puddle of whiskey beneath a stark winter moon and raised by cold winds" (which incidentally sums up the album art) and ending the collection with a vignette of a song which opens with the line "I've got an octopus on my head" and is based on a true story, says it all about the originality they have tried to present on this record.

Mike Ainscoe

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