TV SmithTV Smith
Album: I Delete
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 14

With his latest offering, 'I Delete', TV Smith brings us his sixteenth studio album and in doing so furnishes us with another collection of the sort of soul searching, conscience jabbing, heart on the sleeve compositions of sheer quality that we have come to expect from a man regarded by many as one of, if not the, greatest punk lyricist.

With 'I Delete', TV Smith adopts an electro-acoustic post punk stance; backed by close friends BB Quattro on bass and backing vocals and Vom Ritchie on drum and percussion he takes on main vocal, guitar, and keyboard duties.The album comprises ten brand new offerings and also four bonus tracks previously released as an EP written for the play 'Der Kaite Kuss von warmen Bier' and released last year.

TV Smith is renowned for his charismatic stage show, man and guitar seemingly energised by the rapore he has with his loyal following, a following which hangs on his every word, and rightly so....for this is a man who knows his mind, who can hold his head up high knowing that he is speaking from the heart, and with this record adds further ammunition to an already huge cache of probing strains.

Titles such as 'First one to sign up', 'Cut Backs', 'Festival of Fools', and 'A step Back' are relatively self explanatory and these like so many of the accompanying tracks, and indeed previous releases serve to deal with everyday grievances that may well be discussed in the work place, in the boozer, and on social networks by so many of us who actually do give a damn!.....this is a man who does more than give a damn, and with 'I Delete' does all he can to muster the troops....and does so with a collection of memorable tunes that will not only please those partisans, but, also, if given the coverage it deserves will surely engage many a new recruit......and finally, 'The Drink', one of the bonus tracks, pure sing a long, punch in the air genius.....I defy any one to resist this one!

James Cosgrove