Run Out The GunsRun Out The Guns
Album: Powder & Shot
Label: Santiana
Tracks: 14

The Manchester areas finest purveyors of traditional folk infused mischief bring us a wonderful collection of folk songs and tunes from these islands and beyond, together with several original creations which sit equally well here. Lovingly created, brimming with energy and passion and oozing quality at every turn, this recording allows Paul Sudlow's distinct vocals to lead us on a uplifting journey through a fine selection of much loved folk favourites and beyond. A fine array of string instruments create a colourful landscape, while subtle bass and sympathetic percussion, together with rich backing vocal harmonies form a solid framework to 'Powder & Shot'.

No airs or graces, no pretence, just fine quality musicianship and raw enthusiasm make this album what it is, and though many of the songs included may well be regarded as standards the treatment they are allowed here makes them far more than just worthwhile exercises.

Whether the listener be new to the genre of folk music, or whether well versed in its ins and outs, this album is sure to please all comers!

The choruses and rhythms are equally infectious and it's success is down to its refined simplicity, even those songs with melancholy subject matter forge an impression of warmth and one can't help but feel that this band is one perfectly capable of initiating that feel good factor so often missing from more established artists, whether as a live act, or as here, on this offering.....and hopefully this will be the catalyst for greater things for Run out the Guns.....

A.J. Tranter