Rob FinlayRob Finlay
Album: These Words Aren't Meant for Me
Label: Written Records
Tracks: 10

What a voice! Being a singer/ songwriter these days is a very difficult job as competition is just so strong. Rob's new self released (through his own label) album 'These Words Aren't Meant for Me' is a great example of the range that an artist can achieve.

His music can be best described as familiar but refreshing with powerful words and meaning in each of his tracks. 'Call back The Day' is full of cigarette lighter waving moments and a good mix of backing instruments to really mix up the music.

Rob's current success is only likely to grow if he continues to create such soothing and warming music like 'Angels Will' and 'Special Things' to pluck away at your own heartstrings. The lyrics and arrangements of these songs show the kind of creative mind that Rob has, and it certainly pays off in the music that he produces.

Paul Rawcliffe

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