Remember RememberRemember Remember
Album: Forgetting The Present
Label: Rock Action
Tracks: 8

This third instrumental album from Graeme Ronald's one-time one-man band now expanded to a sextet is unexpectedly anxious in tone and timbre. There is plenty of beauty to be found in its elegant blend of psychedelia, prog-rock, Eastern themes and trance folk, but as the various interludes resolve themselves, there is a jagged mood that seems to be anticipating the next aural extravaganza. All of which is fine if you're happy to forego any sense of calm before the mantra moves on.

La Mayo makes a play for the sun up dancefloor, invoking the morning sun and attempting to smother frayed nerve endings with a not-quite smooth balm of sweet melancholy. It's in stark contrast to the heavy percussion of the sensation-laden opener Blabbermouth and the slighter, brighter Why You Got A Blue Face?, which itself provides an almost poppy antidote to the repetitive themes and neo-drone beats of Magnets.

Nick Churchill