Album: Evolution
Label: Cherry Red
Tracks: 16

Reformed after a ten-year break, PictureHouse have assembled an unashamedly commercial batch of songs as they attempt to make the break out of their native Ireland for the second time. Around the turn of the century they emerged from the Dublin rock scene as fully-fledged contenders, supported The Corrs, Meat Loaf, Saw Doctors et al, but couldn't catch a break outside of the Emerald Isle.

Regrouping in 2012, they put this album out a year later and when the single Rules of Science forced its way on to Radio 2's playlist the album was picked up by Cherry Red and duly followed. But the old problems persist - the songs are great, accomplished writing, strong melodies and sympathetic production, but they lack personality and collectively the overall effect is of a set of good things looking for an identity.

Hello and Every Step of the Way sound made for Boyzone, the first a harmony-driven mid-tempo ballad, the second a lighter-in-the-air ballad with jazz guitar solo, and are a country mile from the Beach Boys' harmonies of Some Night She Will Be Mine, the super-melodic 70s AOR of album opener and the mainstream radio bounce of Soemthing Worth Saving and Papers in the Park, a song The Feeling would give their eye teeth for.

Nick Churchill