Miraculous MuleMiraculous Mule
Album: Blues Uzi
Label: Bronze Rat
Tracks: 8

This is a wonderful mini-album of eight tracks hot on the heels of the Miraculous Mule's debut album Deep Fried released less than 12 months ago.

And having listened to all their songs I know why they were in a hurry to get this out there. Quite simply, it's like a breath of fresh air.

Miraculous Mule are a blues-infused trio from London who take the blues and give it a modern twist. There is a real mix of styles on this album and an excellent introduction to this band.

Blues Uzi - the title track - sets the tone for the album, slinky guitar, powerful vocals, great harmonies and a hint of harmonica. Intoxicating.

Highway Sound which follows is another multi-layered song with guitars flowing.

I Don't Do Nothin' is a brooding hypnotic song with malevolent guitar and a twin lead vocal. It reminded me of early Led Zeppelin - which is no bad thing.

City of Refuge follows with driving rhythm, slide guitar and harmonica - intoxicating. It's great to see the old timers of Blues - Blind Willie Johnson and Rev Sister Mary Nelson - with credits for being the inspiration behind these songs.

Judgement is an upbeat Gospel tinged song with banjo driving the song supported by harmonica. Motherless Child, a traditional blues, is given the Mule treatment but the standout track is the standard Wayfaring Stranger - slowed right down with a driving backbeat and superb backing vocals. Excellent.

I Know I've Been Changed closes the album. It's another stripped back gospel tune, beautifully crafted.

"I know I've been converted" is one of the lines on this album. Well I have and if you love the blues you should seek this Miraculous Mule outfit out right

John Knighton