Mighty BosscatsMighty Bosscats
Album: Boiling Pot
Label: Bosscat
Tracks: 11

The Mighty Bosscats strike forward into the world of blues by storm with a strong backbone and a sound to match. Richard Townend is a talented and very experienced musician who worked hard over the years and finally this manifested into the Bosscats.

Each track on the latest release 'Boiling Pot' is smooth and silky just in the ways that blues is supposed to be. There is a good mix in styles in this album, not giving us a mere monotonous sound over a dozen tracks.

For example, '2:45 Express' and 'Lordy Lordy Lordy' are much more lively and energetic compared to other tracks on album such as 'The Devil Inside' which takes a much slower, classic blues tone. Each member of this band clearly brings much talent to the table as they unite to create wonderful sounds.

The use of vocals from Richard is of course a big seller for the album. His unique voice rises above expectation and carries the album. In particular songs like 'Candyman' and 'Lordy Lordy Lordy' show the different ways you can take vocals and use them for a maximum experience on an individual track.

If you are a fan of the blues genre then you should already know about the Mighty Bosscats, if you don't then certainly track them down and experience their music for yourself, it is very unlikely you will be disappointed!

Paul Rawcliffe