Marcus MaloneMarcus Malone
Album: Stand Or Fall
Label: Redline
Tracks: 12

Prior to this album, I had releases from five different Marcuses in the collection and four of them were bluesmen, well Marcus Malone completes the hand and allows me to throw out the joker, as Mr Malone from Detroit is definitely a bluesman.

I was surprised to discover, "Stand Or Fall" is actually album number six, it still makes a great introduction to this axe wielding bluesman and makes it tempting to go out and hunt down some of those earlier releases.

Whilst born and raised in the rust belt, which may account for his path of hard edged, rocking blues, rather than the more acoustic styles, Malone has been working the European circuit quite hard, which probably accounts for so many great British musicians on the album, including the Wilde siblings, Will and Dani on gob iron and backing vocals respectively.

Almost as a contrast to the harder rocking blues style, the vocals are infused with more of a soul sound and lyrics which switch between faith and lack of fidelity depending on the direction the song takes, there is a gospel feel that also serves to stop Marcus Malone from taking it too far out there, after all excess is a sin and you know when someone has got it just right, and Malone definitely has.

"Stand Or Fall" might easily have been called, "Stand And Delivered" because it does that in abundance and there definitely ain't nothing wrong with being delivered if it sounds like this.

Neil King