Mama KinMama Kin
Album: The Magician's Daughter
Label: Star House
Tracks: 10

There is some music that just does a great job of tapping into your feelings without you really realising it is happening. This is certainly true of Mama Kin, she simply has one of the most soothing voices that lures you into the music and then keeps you there with lyrical superglue.

This album brings us Mama Kin's vocals on a silver plate using gentle but effective backing music to draw us into her world. Once captivated she explores very real emotions with songs like 'Was it Worth it?' and 'One Too Many' tweaking at your spirit.

Mama Kin is a very talented entertainer who sets out to make genuinely good music and she certainly delivers on that goal. 'Cherokee Boy' in particular will have you welling up with emotions. Imagery in particular is very strong in 'The Magician's Daughter' and every song paints perfect pictures in your mind.

Beautiful album headed by a beautiful voice

Paul Rawcliffe

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