Album: Finite World
Label: Vandal
Tracks: 4

I never quite know what to say about Maia - if ever a band deserve the sobriquet indefinable this is the one. They say on their website that they invented sci-fi folk and I suppose that is about as close as it gets. What it doesn't encapsulate is the sheer exuberance and uniqueness of their sound.

I have seen Maia perform a number of times at festivals and more than once witnessed standing ovations by the stunned and ecstatic audience. If one could give such an ovation to an EP then this would more than deserve it.

Melodic invention, quasi falsetto vocals, a range of instruments that shouldn't work together but most emphatically do, and intriguing, mysterious lyrics inhabit all four songs which, despite these common elements, each have their own personality.

This EP marks a new high point in Maia's recorded output and as such is as unmissable as their live performances - of which there are an increasing number as their reputation and fan base continue to grow exponentially.

There are not many EP's I would class as essential but this is one.

Joe Grint

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Finite World

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