Ma Polaine's Great DecineMa Polaine's Great Decine
Album: Suffer It Well
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 6

One of the danger's of releasing an EP/album in mid-December is the risk that it might get lost in the festivities and/or caught up in the holidays, journalists need a break too, and, in fairness, that's what nearly happened to "Suffer It Well", the latest release from Ma Polaine's Great Decline, but such is my enjoyment of this recording, I feel duty bound to bring it to your attention, albeit slightly behind schedule.

Ma Polaine's Great Decline have a wonderful between the wars sound that picks up on elements of folk, jazz and old timey, given voice by the wonderfully evocative vocals of Beth Packer, who also contributes accordion and harmonica to the overall sound.

There is sultry sound to "Suffer It Well", one that wouldn't sound out of place in a speakeasy or the Left Bank, it just captures that sense of sophisticated sleaze. In order to get that sound, Ms Packer is ably supported by four other musicians, who between them cover pretty much all the other points of the orchestra for a whole that is as rich as it is deep.

At six tracks long, well five and a bonus track if you want to be pernickety, this is a generous EP, certainly there's enough here for the band to showcase their talent and make you wish this was an album. It's also predominantly penned by the band with only "Love Me Or Leave Me" actually hailing from that between the war period.

Whilst predominantly London based, 2014 should see the band reaching further afield with gigs in Leeds and Manchester already in the diary, hopefully "Suffer It Well" will provide a springboard to more forays out of the smoke, either way you should help yourself to a dollop of Ma Polaine's Great Decline and give "Suffer It Well" serious consideration.

Neil King

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Suffer It Well

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