Kaity RaeKaity Rae
Album: Spark
Label: Folkstock
Tracks: 4

I will make no apology for starting off another review with the words, "I can't believe just how much talent singer-songwriters in the acoustic spectrum display at such a young age." The reason I won't apologise it's because it's a truism and a truism that applies to Kaity Rae, who has just release her debut EP, "Spark" on Folkstock.

Just seventeen, multi instrumentalist Kaity Rae, has already won awards for her songwriting and been selected to be on the Roundhouse Emerging Artist program and just started a songwriting degree to home her already considerable talent.

Regardless of where she goes with her lead instrument, she's just as happy with the piano as she is with the six string, you always feel that Rae has always had the vision on where she wants to go and expertly selects the transport to get it there.

There is, at times, an almost naive sense to her writing, but that comes out of experience, or a lack of them, which allows a certain amount of rose tainting in the glasses department, but also gives a beautiful honesty, because that's what the artist has seen and that's how they've been inspired and it feels good to get away from some of the more cynical songs that we have become used to hearing coming of out that acoustic pop world.

It gives her songs that something slightly different and you can see how her material can sit comfortably alongside more cynical pieces and create a real, light and shade. I know I say this a lot, but Kaity is an artist to look out for. She knows how to put a song together and has found a sound in a very crowded space. Some of her support slots, with the likes of Merry Hell, show that she's beginning to notice, "Spark" can surely only add to that recognition.

Neil King