Jules WinchesterJules Winchester
Album: A Stranger In Your Home Town
Label: Longman
Tracks: 12

"A Stranger In Your Home Town" is described as 'the first professionally produced cd by Sussex singer-songwriter Jules Winchester' it's a distinction that really lets you know that this is an album that gives her the platform to achieve her potential.

Whilst there are some excellent stripped back vocalists especially in the Americana influenced world, there are many that need a richness of sound in which to thrive, artists that have a songwriting style built more around arrangement and depth than simply voice and guitar.

"A Stranger In Your Home Town" has a wonderful sense of isolation, the title and opening track, proving to be an ideal scene setter, a sense of isolation enhanced by the addition of subtle almost understated strings on a number of tracks.

One of the things that this album shows is how sound can transport a song. "Down By The River" sounds as if it could have been inspired by the Mississippi or the Missouri when in fact it was the much smaller and more local Arun, given just a small twist in the arrangement you can image the song going back home, that would put it at odds with the direction of the album.

The guitar, mandolin, vocal combo that hallmark, "A Stranger In Your Home Town" definitely give the album a South Western US feel, that may seem a distance from the South Eastern England that inspired it, but it sounds absolutely delightful and easily accessible, with the added advantage, you may find Jules Winchester playing somewhere near you.

Neil King

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