Jon BudworthJon Budworth
Album: Trees Turn To Fire
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 6

Compared to a number of his peers, Jon Budworth, has come to performing relatively late, which I've got a sneaky feeling is slightly more frightening than hitting the music trail with the optimistic naivety of youth. I'm not sure that experience of life and the world is always a good starting point for the creative arts, but if "Trees Turn To Fire" and its predecessor, "Time Machine" are anything to go by, it may not be as frightening as I imagine.

"Trees Turn To Fire" is a combination of self penned and traditional songs, with the style very much drawing on folk for its stylings. The focal point of the album is Jon and his guitar, but at times this is augmented by accordion and violin, bringing all the instruments together for my preference of the traditional tracks, "Searching For Lambs".

For me, though, it is the self penned songs that give this mini album/ep its strength. Budworth is a man that knows how to use a metaphor, you can feel his life experiences being laid out as well the less tangible concepts that a lot of us find ourselves pondering as the years pass by with seemingly accelerating speed.

Whilst I get the feeling that song and sound have been honed in the clubs and have a slightly in session feel about them, that doesn't detract from a feeling that these songs are aimed at you the listener and are more than capable of generating a reaction coming off the disk. It gives the songs an edge, as well as a feeling that he's not an artist that's concerned about the song sounding the same every time it's played, for that reason I'd recommend getting hold of a copy, if only to tide you over until he's put a few more dates together.

Neil King