Johnny CoppinJohnny Coppin
Album: Borderland
Label: Red Sky
Tracks: 12

Johnny Coppin has used his new album, Borderland, to collect songs from England, Ireland, Wales and the USA to give us an extremely varied and diverse collection. Johnny is a very experienced musician having founded his own band as well as working with Phil Beer from Show of Hands. He also has a large belt of albums in which Borderland slots in nicely.

This album starts off nicely with a gentle story called 'Joseph Baker' which has a nice set of lyrics sung through Johnny's wonderful vocals. It is the vocals of this album that links all of the songs together as apart from his distinct and recognisable sound there is a huge amount of variety amongst the album with different combinations of instruments presenting us with great sounds.

'The Brazier's Daughter' gives us a faster paces tune full of instrument variety from the guitar and a accordion with a great storyline which then moves into a much slower, piano lead song called 'Cariad Cyntaf'.

The use of backing instruments really helps to support Johnny's lead vocals with the recorder and string instruments providing a relaxing atmosphere for the listener and really helps you to immerse yourself in the music.

The mix of songs we get from the different areas show through very nicely in the album, giving us a good sample of what different parts of Britain and USA have to offer. Particularly 'Dream of England' gives us an interesting contrast to 'Cariad Cyntaf' both in sound and structure.

A talented artist with a fantastic selection of backing musicians to give a wonderful album full of music.

Paul Rawcliffe