John BassettJohn Bassett
Album: Unearth
Label: Stereohead
Tracks: 10

Whilst "Unearth" is multi-instrumentalist, John Bassett's, debut solo album he does have recordings with prog rock outfit KingBathmat under his belt and indeed there are elements to his solo sound that show those influences.

Lush is a description that it's very easy to apply to the musicscapes that form the foundation of the album, at times I found myself getting lost in them and thinking that the lyric was just washing over me, a mistake, because there are some strong themes running through them.

It's a thin line between solitude and isolation and there are aspects of "Unearth" that emphasise that very well as a lot of modern activities take people away from physical social contact and into a world of networks and images, something Bassett really brings home two thirds in with "TV Is God" a point it's often difficult to argue against.

In other respects, this is an album of pressure, an album that reflects the constant pressure we're under because we always appear to be in the eye, consequently, "Unearth" is not always the easiest album to listen to, unless you allow yourself to become lost in the instrumentation and tyhen it becomes too easy. Strike that happy balance, however, and you can find yourself at home wiuth an album that manages to stimulate. Not an album for everyday, I think, but definitely one worthy of its place in the stack marked, when the mood takes you.

Neil King

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