Jennifer CrookJennifer Crook
Album: Carnforth Station
Label: Transatlantic Roots
Tracks: 11

Jennifer Crook explores a beautiful journey of self discovery in her new album of Carnforth Station.

Straight away you are captured by the dramatic image of which is her album artwork, with Jennifer Crook standing there in on Carnforth Station, about to get on a train with the steam eerily blowing around her.

The more theatrical friends of mine tell me that Noel Coward's Brief Encounter was filmed at that very station. It tells a story about a married woman whos relationship becomes complicated when she finds a man on a railway station. Maybe a undertone of this story is implemented in her album? I suggested listening to Long Drive Back Home From Love to find out.

This is her third solo release and it celebrates her travels, musically and emotionally. When I review CD's I usually find myself writing and have the music in the background yet with this album, I have to stop what I am doing and listen to it as from the first song she has me engaged.

It is a perfect blend of acoustic and Irish folk music it is isn't just a piece of music it is a fantastic piece of storytelling. And with the help of artists such as Miranda Sykes and Kevin Brown I think this album is going to be on my on the go playlist for years to come.

If like me, you are a fan of travelling then Carnforth Station is the album for you. A particular favourite of mine is the track I've Forgotten Everything. Though not as positive as this track, it reminds me of choreographer Christopher Bruce's dance piece Ghost Dances. Using acoustic folk music to aid a narrative and Crook does just that. The song may have dark connotations yet the music is so catchy and punchy that you don't much care. The fusions of harp and guitar just works, it shouldn't but it does.

Centrally themed on travel and trains "A cold misty morning beside Carnforth Station, there's a graveyard of trains". I suggest you get yourself on board and go on a journey with Jennifer.

Gemma Hirst

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