The HickoidsThe Hickoids
Album: Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit
Label: Saustex
Tracks: 10

The Hickoids are extremely entertaining in this classic rock and brilliant storytelling style. They have even been described as 'sociopathic' and it's really fun to find out why. The actual style of music varies nicely through the album and 'rock' is just one aspect of this music. Some tunes more towards the 'country' area and other even into 'punk' and 'soul'.

Each song has great rhythms and a cross between hilarious and bizarre lyrics courtesy of Greg Beets who has certainly done a good job of capturing this punk/country essence and themes. The band itself it's actually a regeneration of sorts as The Hickoids originally ran from 1984 to 1991 and are having a comeback with more fresh and interesting concepts and ideas.

All of the songs are a pleasure to listen to with firm favourites such as 'The Talking Hot Pants Blues' and 'You Kneed Me' really jumping forward for comic value. The band has certainly not lost any energy during the gap and it is nice to see them dive into this new album with fresh ideas and sounds.

Paul Rawcliffe