Heg And The Wolf ChorusHeg And The Wolf Chorus
Album: Giant
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 3

Brainchild of songwriter Heg Brignall, Bristol's Heg & The Wolf Chorus is an unusual and exciting group indeed, an avant-garde four-piece with a uniquely theatrical sound, approaching the songs like aural fairytales, wringing the last ounce of drama from their dark and twisted meanderings. The title song of their latest calling-card single is presented here in two versions.

The first is a hard-hitting (and surprisingly radio-friendly) tango built around the "fee, fi, fo, fum" mantra to pounding drum beats, flamboyant classical-style violin and piano figures, a giant's musical theme song, a self-portrait that Kate Bush would've been proud of. The second Giant is an extended Jilk Remix, and this proves a truly weird concoction, full of indescribable sounds that only grim(m) nightmares are made of: horrible slithery sloppy rustlings, eldritch looped voices, chattery rhythms, insistent repeated violin, electronic percussive pulsings, fragmented vocals; imaginative, extraordinary, unforgettable - and unrecognisable from the first Giant.

The middle track of the single is a forcefully plaintive piano ballad Fire And Snow, though musically the most orthodox and least experimental, makes its impact through conveying an atmosphere of heady passion and romance.

It's no wonder the band have made quite already impression so far when supporting Moulettes, Bridie Jackson & The Arbour and Arthur Brown on tour dates. And the recording is every bit as strong as the ideas and the musical delivery, too: excellent and full-bodied.

David Kidman