Hannah SchneiderHannah Schneider
Album: Red Lines
Label: Lojinx
Tracks: 12

Danish singer Hannah Schneider brings together vague folksy remnants with gutsy sweet-toothed electronic pop placing her very much in the new, despite very traditional roots.

Red Lines, released on October 27 is another example of electronic experimentation, which successfully results in a melancholic burst of happy vibes. There is a determination apparent throughout the album. It is almost like no matter how pop orientated the music is, Schneider is determined to keep an experimental edge to her music. Red Lines is thoughtful and full of orchestral twangs such as the amount of strings scattered throughout the songs.

The album opens with 'Butterfly Lovers', which brings the whole album together and gives you an insight of what to expect. Alternating melodies, a transition from happy bouncy pop to a slightly more obscure and haunting sound.

Red Lines is a call out to a wider audience. The tracks are almost like she is looking upon her self for qualities or flaws and preaching them in a way in which her audience will empathise and understand. For example 'everything' appears as if it is reminding you to not always see everything in black and white and things are not as negative as they seem. 'Dreaming kind' a more obvious call out with lines such as: 'Singing it for the dreamers, singing for the believers.'

Dreaming Kind, Life Is Easy & Everything all share that ability allowing the melodies to buzz around in your head. You'll be humming along in no time.

Fans may also like Oh Atoms, Lenka, & Julie Maria.

Leah Parker-Turnock

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